08 January 2009

Million Menus

I loved these multiple flippy picture books as a child. There must be some fantastic, exceeding specific word for them. I cannot believe they are just called multiple, flippy picture books. If there is not a technical name for them, I am going to invent one. "Disarticulous" books comes to mind. We could call them "Multisegmentature" but, I digress.

One boring afternoon, I wondered if one could design a cookbook based on multiply segmented sections.
I disposed myself of this idea believing that trolls, pirates, fairies and the like lend themselves to comedic visualization while dinner is not quite as forgiving. Ah, but some brave soul believed it could be done and thus was born, Million Menus. High points for concept.

The book achieves exactly what a the picture book does. It takes reasonably nice menus and with a simple turn of a page, makes them comical.

Trust me. This is just opening the book and flipping. With subsequent tries, some decent menus fell into place, but for the most part it ends up looking like a bizarre school lunch.

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