06 July 2009

Mrs. A. B. Marshall’s Larger Cookery Book of Extra Recipes

I have mentioned Mrs. A. B. Marshall several time recently, so I though I would feature her "larger" cookbook.
Her first book was on ices, a rather new phenomenon in the early 1900's. She went on to invent her own ice cream maker. She features heavily in the Queen Cookery Book on Ices.

Though not as well known as Mrs. Beeton, Agnes Marshall had a tremendous influence on the English culinary mind.

After her first large book, there was a request for more recipes and the Larger Cookbook came into being. At this point, Mrs. Marshall had begun a cooking school, training many of the cooks that filled English manor houses, including Mrs. Mander's.

Here is one of those lovely dishes one might include in their "cold service" at a large gathering. Notice the vast amounts of bombes one might require for such a dish.

Crayfish (Prawns) à la Gelée

Fill some little bombe moulds with aspic jelly; let this set, then dip the moulds into warm water, turn out and arrange some large prawns or the prepared crayfish bodies all over the bombes and serve in little square paper cases that are filled with a salad of lettuce; they can be garnished with picked chervil, parsley, or tarragon; serve for hors d’oeuvre or savoury or for any cold service.

Another of Mrs. Marshall's creations was an ice cream shaped like asparagus. To pull off such a dish one needs about 20 asparagus moulds. Today if you could possibly find those old asparagus moulds it would set you back thousands of dollars.

You will simply have to scoop that pistachio ice cream into a bowl and make do!

To see more cool kitchen gadgets check out Ivan Day's site Historic Food.


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