16 August 2009

The Ethnomusicologists’Cookbook

There is no doubt that I love food. My other passion is music. Mix them both together and you get -- The Ethnomusicologists’Cookbook. Sean Williams contacted a series of ethnomusicologists and asked them to gather recipes for a meal from the country where they were doing research. He also asked, quite naturally, for a list of music to accompany the meal as well as some additional reading material.

I was surprised to see that collards are a popular dish in many areas around the world. It is also interesting that every culture really wants to eat something sweet at the end of the meal.

I chose to share a dish from Kenya. I really love beans and this was something I just never thought of. This recipe features plain old kidney beans. When we think of kidney beans in the U. S. we think of them as an ingredient in chili, but not in other preparations. This is a lovely way to take a very common, plain ingredient and make it unique.

Maharagwe Ya Nasi
(Kidney Beans in Coconut)

4 c. fresh or canned coconut milk
4 c. cooked kidney beans
1 t. salt
1/2 t. allspice

[The recipe explains the long process of making your own coconut milk, but we encourage you to buy it in cans.]

soak 1 1/3 lb. kidney beans for 24 hours or use 4 c. canned beans. Boil with water, 1 t. salt and 1/2 t. allspice until soft. When nearing desired softness, add 4 c. coconut milk. Stir in and simmer until a thick cream forms around the beans.

This is a great recipe to clean out the larder. There are several sites out there challenging people to eat only the food you have on hand for a week. This is a great one to try, even if you have to buy some kidney beans or coconut milk.

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