16 October 2009

Fancy Cakes And Pastries

My friend Sandra has been helping me collect books from The Home Entertaining Series. Since they were published in England, they are easier to find there and she sends them on to me if I find one. She was not happy when I sent her this copy of the second cake book by Ethelind Fearon, Fancy Cakes And Pastries. She thought if was in horrible shape and felt it was not worthy. Being difficult to find, especially in any condition dust jacket, I was more forgiving.

As you can tell from the title, Fearon is not a big fan of plain cakes. Again, she is rather opinionated:

"There are of course far too many cake recipes already...But these are different. Not the "Cut and come again" kind, but delectable mouthfuls which make you come again just to see if they are really as good as that. And you always find that they are."

And here are the delightful, Monkey Delights...

Monkey Delights

8 oz. S.R. flour
4 oz. coconut
2 tabsp. cocoa
4 oz. butter
6 oz. sugar
4 oz. chopped nits
1 egg, beaten

Mix all to a stiff paste, drop in spoonfuls on a greased tray Cook about half an hour at 300F.

I have no idea why Monkeys are delighted by these, but I am. Reading Fearon's recipes always makes me think that she was envisioning a future with Twitter. Her recipes always seem to lend themselves to being tweeted to a grateful world.

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