12 February 2010

The Seducer’s Cookbook

Ah, it’s that Valentine’s time of year…

Every drugstore, grocery store and gas station has little heart shaped boxes of candy and some past-its-prime rose in a plastic tube. I am of the opinion that when holiday supplies can be purchased at the 7-11, the holiday spirit has gotten out of hand.

This year, instead of a heart shaped box, try a cookbook or a nice steak. Frankly, nothing says love like a slab of beef.

Famous restaurant critic and cook, Mimi Sheraton wrote The Seducer’s Cookbook. I must say, there are quite a few garlicky, spicy, bean filled recipes in this book that I wouldn’t feed someone I was trying to romance. Cassoulet, pesto, hot dog in hot sauce, anchovies stuffed olives, do not a romantic evening make.

Sheraton suggests a picnic, which I think is totally romantic. Of course if you live in – anywhere in the Uniteds States these last few weeks, a picnic may seem out of the question. Still, Sheraton says,

“any woman who is out to turn a young man’s fancy would do well to master this pastoral art. Fortunately, even the most cautious of city-bred male finds it virtually impossible to resist the charms of a pretty girl with a basketful of food…”

Especially if that basket is filled with lobster.

Boiled Lobster

Since this is virtually all you are going to eat and salt air makes for hearty appetites, I’d suggest you take four 1-pound lobsters along with you. To cook them, plunge them head fist into a big potful of rapidly boiling salted water flavored with an onion, a stalk of celery with leaves, a slice of lemon, 3 or 4 peppercorns and a sprig of parsley. Cover and let the lobsters boil for about 15 minutes; turn off the flame and cool them in their cooking water.
Refrigerate until you are ready to pack them. Wrap in foil, place in insulated hamper, and do not split them until you are ready to eat.

Nicolas Chamfort wrote: The loves of most people are but the results of good dinner.

So boil up some lobster, and fall in love.

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  1. Nothing quite like a lovely slab of beef!

    I am enjoying you words and cookbooks!


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