15 September 2011

The Three Chimneys

When you write a cookbook blog, you often find that you are the recipient of cookbooks that your friends bought on a whim. I know this sounds bizarre, but there are some people out there who see no need whatsoever for a thousand cookbooks to peruse. Well their loss is my gain.

Recently, I gained a lovely cookbook from my friend Nanci. Several years ago, she and her husband took a whirlwind trip to Scotland. While they were there, they had dinner at the famous restaurant, The Three Chimneys that was vote one of the world’s top 50 restaurants.

Being dutifully impressed, and filled with vacation largess, they not only ate at The Three Chimneys, but they also bought the book. Recently, without ever having to visit the Isle of Skye myself, I became the inheritor of the cookbook.

Shirley Spear, the cook at The Three Chimneys began her career as a journalist. The job took her to London where she met her husband. As with any journalist living in London, she couldn’t wait to go back to Scotland and open a restaurant. Sure, after being named one of the 50 best restaurants in the world, one might think it was a great idea, but for many years it seemed like a huge catastrophe. But Shirley was determined to make the local ingredients of the Scottish countryside a source of culinary pride.

Shirley succeeded.

Now, along with the gift of this cookbook, I also received the menu from 16 August 2004, the night Nanci dined there. I really wanted to start with the Loch Dunvegan Lobster & Langoustines with Peashoot, New Potato & Quail Egg Salad, Lemon & Olive Oil Vinaigrette but alas, the recipe was not included so I went for dessert.

Whisky and Lemon Syllabub with Skye Strawberries

250 ml fresh double cream

Finley grated rind and juice of 1 large lemon

125 g castor sugar

1/2 a measure or I generous tbsp. of your favorite whiskey

Whisk all the ingredients together until holding just form.

Spoon on top of fresh strawberries.

Eat and enjoy.

Did she really have to tell us to enjoy? Now I feel the need to re-visit Scotland. And eat langoustines and syllabub and…

Thanks, Nanci!

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  1. Lucinda,
    I have so enjoyed your blog. I also have discovered a love of cookbooks. My husband does not share my interest, but is a wonderful cook. He is internet, I want the knowledge physically all around me. If I want to cook roast chicken, I dive into the books and learn and enjoy the dialogue of so many voices. I am so glad to have yours as well.


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