09 April 2013

Not a Cookbook -- Requiescat in Pace

In the past week obituary writers have been working overtime.  Iron Lady and Mouseketeer, Movie Critic and Educator, even the son of a preacherman.   But here at Cookbook Of The Day, we are deeply saddened at the passing of Peter Workman.   Workman may not be a household name, but in our household, Workman was a giant.  Every bookshelf in our vast collection contains a title that Peter Workman laid hands on.   Ask anyone who worked for him -- he was a hands-on guy.

He published books about preppies and cats and what to expect when you were expecting and he published some of the most stunning cookbooks of all time: The French Laundry, The Silver Palate, and Hot,Sour, Salty, Sweet, to name just a few.

Peter Workman was a gentleman and a scholar and he will be missed.

New York Time Obituary.

Remembering Workman in Eater.

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