19 February 2009

Beyond Nose to Tail

Not everything Fergus Henderson cooks in offal. There are salads, sides and sweets. So, Henderson and his crew wrote Beyond Nose to Tail.

In the last few months, I have made several slow cooked, whole onions. Some people think taking the humble onion and cooking it like it’s a Christmas Turkey is a grave waste of time. They would, of course, be wrong. A long baked onion becomes a rich, sweet and succulent side dish or as Henderson calls them -- Orbs of Joy.

Orbs of Joy

Peel some red onions but keep them whole. Put in an oven dish and add chicken stock until they are almost covered. Braise them in a medium oven. As they cook, the stock around them will reduce slightly, giving your onions a slightly singed and caramelized exterior and a pale pink and totally giving interior. Truly an orb of joy.

I whole heartedly agree.

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