04 February 2009

She Cooks To Conquer

Here's a throw back to the Fabulous Fifties! She Cooks To Conquer by Robert H. Leob, Jr. and illustrated by Laura Jean Allen is a fully illustrated guide to cooking for your man. Or more specifically, cooking to GET your man. And if that man is a Classics scholar who just loves reading The Odyssey, you are in luck.

Loeb divides women into two groups, Eves and Circes. Here's the difference:

Eve is the gal who snared her Adam.
Circe is the miss who wants to be a "madam."
That would of course be a 50's "Mrs." madam and not a New York Governor's "madam."

Some of the recipes include: Canape Apollo, Fruit Cup Cyclops, Toast Tithonus, Zeus Soup and...

Pommes Polyphemus

OK, it's a baked potato! But a Fabulous Fifties Baked Potato! Now stop reading this blog and get out there an find a husband.

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