11 March 2009

Irish Countryhouse Cooking

I've noticed I have several cookbooks "written" by women who live in quite grand houses. It seems that when you have run out of foxes to hunt and balls to attend those big old houses can be quite boring so, in your copious free time, you gather a cookbook. Now, in the South (other locales, too) bored women gather together recipes for their church or The Junior League to raise funds. They are not considered terribly grand, but throw in some snazzy letterhead and who knows...

Here is the recipe for putting together a cookbook from your estate -- or cottage, which is what you call your estate if you own one!

Recipe For Assembling An Estate Cookbook

1 estate, castle or cottage (minimum of 10 bedrooms)
20- 30 titled friends
Engraved letterhead

Drop a note on your engraved letterhead to your friends.

Tell them you are putting together a list of recipes for Cook to make and ask if they might send along something their cook prepares.

When all the recipes arrive on appropriate letterhead, assemble a book.

It's so easy I don't know why you haven't done it. Me, I'm off to a fox hunt...

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