26 June 2009

American Salad Book

Maximilian De Loup seems to be a rather European name for someone committed to “American “ salad. But there he was in 1900 providing hundreds of ways to throw a salad on the table in his American Salad Book. By the fourth printing, the books was the definitive place to fulfill your every salad need.

There are vegetable salads, fruit salads, egg salads, potato salads, seafood salads and miscellaneous salads. You know how it is when you roam into the kitchen and think to yourself, “Gosh what I really want is a miscellaneous salad.”

Miscellaneous salads seem to be based on particular countries, such as the Russian Meat Salad (greens and boiled tongue), Dutch Salad ( herring, veggies and cheese) and Cuban Salad (smashed saltines and anchovies).

One could easily make the case that some of these salads should absolutely not exist – Salad of Young Pigs jumps out.

I chose this salad for you as I am a fan of both chicken and opera.

Salad Lakmè

Salad Lakmè is composed of chicken, celery, fresh mushrooms, truffles, white of eggs and potatoes, cut en Julienne, and dressed with a remoulade dressing.

This weekend, make up a big bowl of Salad Lakmè and listen to Lakmè. This will get you started.

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