09 June 2009

Banqueting For One

Banqueting for One is a quirky little cookbooks I picked up for its totally unusual vibe.

First, I adored the title. As a girl who often “banquets” alone, I could not think of better title. Seriously, how about Cooking All Alone, or The I Don’t Have a Dinner Guest Cookbook, or Banqueting for One: which concept is more appealing.

Secondly, the book is painstakingly hand written. As someone who can’t read her own handwriting, I admire lovely penmanship.

Thirdly, I adore the author’s photo. It’s the eighties. I confess to owning a similar Ralph Lauren collar during those heady times. I further confess it is a look that in no way needs to be resurrected. I will also confess that I am sick of looking at pictures of cookbook authors so air brushed and so skinny that it is not hard to believe syrup of ipecac is a favorite after dinner drink!

Fourthly, the recipes are quite good and easily expandable if per chance you find a dinner companion.

Here is an effortless cold soup for summer. Wolfenden recommend for one that you make this soup with the half of avocado left over from the salad you made, earlier.

Iced Avocado Soup

Whisk up the other half with lemon juice, seasoning and enough chicken stock to make it liquid. Add a little cream or top of the milk. Chill. Rub a soup bowl with a clove of garlic. Pour in the soup and top with a little more cream that is sprinkled with chopped chives.

In addition to the book, my copy had a lovely bookmark with an oven temperature conversion chart. As someone who get food magazines from 4 continents, it is very handy.


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