02 December 2011

Not A Cookbook -- Cookbook

There is just so much cookbook news flying around out there that we offer this little cookbook interlude. Ann sent me a link this morning informing me that Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has a cookbook. Now it would seem that family cookbooks are a Paul family tradition, and this is no exception...except for the fact that they are using it for campaign contributions.

Frankly, we could get behind a candidate who give out cookbooks for campaign contributions!

New York Magazine couldn't resist suck an opportunity and featured a "page" from the cookbook which includes a "recipe" for scones.

Raspberry Scones

Who are we to order you how to make raspberry scones? You're and American. You have the God-given right to make your raspberry scones however you chose. And it's none of our business!
We don't care what your political affiliations are, we want to read more cookbooks... oh yes, and vote!

1 comment:

  1. I am an Australian & even I am watching this wonderful man!
    If you Americans don't want him we will have him!
    Looks like a great book too.



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