09 January 2016

Cassoulet: A French Obsession

Today is National Cassoulet Day. You probably didn't even know there was such a thing and now you do.  Yes, it is too late to whip up a big batch cassoulet unless, perhaps, you live in D'Artagnan's basement.  Even then, you won't have enough time, but maybe there is a French restaurant near by.

I have always wondered, since cassoulet is so near and dear to the French countryside, why there was no book on cassoulet.  Thanks to Kate Hill, now there is. Cassoulet: A French Obsession gives a history of the dish, its ingredients, and how to assemble it. 

Kate Hill knows of what she speaks as she has been teaching people the mysteries of the cassoulet for many years at her cooking school Kitchen at  Camont.

So you missed National Cassoulet Day.  That doesn't mean you have to miss cassoulet.  Gear up and make your own.

Here is our recipe for the perfect cassoulet.


1. Brush up on your history and get a good recipe.  We recommend Kate Hill's Cassoulet, available at Blurb.

2. Get yourself a cassole. A proper cooking vessel for a cassoulet. The only place we know in the USA to get a proper cassole is from Clay Coyote Pottery.

3. Gather all the ingredients. Fine and dandy if you live in New York or Los Angeles, but what about those of us in the hollers of West Virginia?  D'Artagnan's has put together a cassoulet kit that can fill all your needs. It is one-stop cassoulet shopping.

4. Made a cassoulet, but are still obsessed?  Check out Kite Hill's Kitchen at Camont.

5. Be sure and invite me over!

Now here is wishing you and yours a very happy National Cassoulet Day.

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