15 May 2009

Contemporary Table Settings

Patricia Kroh was a flower show judge and an award winning flower arranger. Her book, Contemporary Table Settings, features theories and practical advice on setting tables.

She offers advice for every type of hostess.

The Artistic Hostess: Features beautiful table settings with tips on flower arranging and color theory.

The Practical Hostess: Features the bride, the career girl getting tips on buying flatware or table covers.

The Ambitious Hostess: Features advice to those girls who know “how much fun and excitement flower exhibiting can be.”

The Considerate Hostess: Features food.

As I said before, Miss Kroh is a flower judge, so cooking is not her strong suite. For instance, her recipes for soup begin with the ingredients -- 2 cans of soup. It is 1966, so the Modern Hostess has many modern conveniences at her disposal, giving her ample time to spend setting that table instead of worrying about the food, that quite simply obscures the lovely plates.

But if you must cook...

Barbecued Shrimpbobs

2 pounds cooked, deveined shrimp
1//2 pound fresh mushroom caps
2 cans pineapple chunks
1 cup barbecue sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper

Alternate shrimp, mushroom caps, and pineapple chunks on six skewers. Paint with barbecue sauce. Wrap in aluminum foil and place on top of grill (Charcoals should be gray when ready.) Bake for 10 minutes. Open foil; add salt and pepper. Serve on skewers.
By all means, please be a Considerate hostess and serve food, even if it is just a can of soup.

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