22 May 2009

The New Hostess Of To-Day

Linda Hull Larned wrote a very formal book for the woman who has decided to be a full time home maker. It is, she says,

"My endeavor in this book to assist the housekeeper and hostess in selecting and serving a menu suitable for an elaborate repast of a simple meal; to show how to prepare and serve each course and to provide a quantity sufficient for six persons.

Furthermore, it is believed that the successful hostess and housekeeper is one who is always ready to receive and apply all new suggestions which will improve her old methods."

Larned did not set out to provide a beginner with minute details nor did she offer any edification on the science of nutrition nor preservation for she says,

"In this enlightened day, women who enter the field of home-making and housekeeping without, at least, a rudimentary knowledge of this science will be a hopeless failure."

Given these rather strict pronouncements one can only wonder what this naked pixie is doing making toast in the fire! In fact these little creatures pop up throughout the book.

Without “minute” details Larned is able to stuff hundreds and hundreds of recipes into her book. There are 161. Noodle Croutons, 237. Lobsters Broiled Alive, 371 Calf’s Head with Parsley Sauce, 833. Squirrel Pie, 1159. Chocolate and Apple Custard Pudding, 1237. Grape-fruit Pie, and 1669. Highball Mêlée.

There's a menu for the New Hostess of To-Day! Here is a yummy and decorative recipe. Short and to the point.

Beef Tongue with Cardinal Sauce

Boil and skin a tongue, when cold, cut in rounds with a biscuit cutter, heat them over hot water,, stick the slices upright in a long narrow mound of mashed potatoes, and pour over Cardinal Sauce (751).

Cardinal Sauce is your basic tomato sauce. Let me just say, I cook quite a bit and I am not sure I could properly cook this. And frankly, I am not real sure I would want to see the narrow mound of mashed potatoes with cut up tongue sticking up covered in tomato sauce. But you should go ahead and give it a try.

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