17 April 2010

Huntsville Heritage Cookbook

Today's cookbook is an oldie but goodie. Direct from Huntsville, Alabama, this copy is a "lucky" 13th printing. The Huntsville Heritage Cookbook, like so many of its southern sisters, was compiled by the Junior League of Huntsville. As with many Junior League (or church inspired) fundraising cookbooks, the recipes vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. It includes recipes from Queen Elizabeth Cakes and Chocolate Tortes to Cheese Whiz Dip with at least 4 cheese ball recipes.

There are numerous recipes that credit someone in the title who did not submit the recipe. This is either Southern hospitality at work, giving credit the the original cook or merely an attempt to shield one's reputation if the recipe might suck. Either way, there are some amazing recipes.

Flounder in Foil

4 small frozen flounder
1 cup thick white sauce
1 can minced clams, drained
1 can crabmeat
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper

Put each frozen flounder on double layer of foil, large enough to completely seal. Combine remaining ingredients and divide sauce equally among flounder. if desired, add butter and lemon juice before sealing foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until tender.

Among the really fun items in the Huntsville Heritage Cookbook is a reproduction of a handwritten invitation to a party for a cow. Not just any cow, but Signal's Lily Flag.

Lily Flag had a banner year as Jersey cows go. She produced a record 1047 pounds, 3/4 ounces of butter as well as 11339 pounds of milk. Given such accomplishments, a party was a must. Alas, no menu survives the party, but I am sure there was a cheese ball of some sort.

Southerner's will party at the drop of a hat or 1000 pounds of butter, which ever comes first.

There is a menu included in the Huntsville Heritage Cookbook. The menu is from the esteemed Mooreland Hunt. Now being a Hunt and also being that this is a Junior League cookbook and not a church cookbook, there is a bit of alcohol involved. The Mooreland Hunt features this recipe:

Passion Punch

5 parts apple brandy
1 part cherry brandy
1/5 part Cointreau
6 1/5 parts sweet apple cider

Combine the ingredients and pour over block of ice in the punch bowl. May be stronger or weaker by varying the amount of cider. Serve cold as cocktail before a hunt breakfast or similar entertainment.

I do love a stiff cocktails before I climb on a horse!


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  2. Wondering when our 'legendairy' cow acquired another 'g'? Her furniture store is Lily Flagg Furniture; carpet store - Lily Flagg Rugs...sensing a Dionne Warwick(e) astrology thing happening here in the Rocket City.


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