06 November 2009

Spice Up Your Life GIVEAWAY

We have never had a "giveaway" before so bear with us. Actually, how hard can it be -- you send us a comment and we read them and one of you gets something. Since it is Cookbook Of The Day, you get... a cookbook. We recently featured Bindu Grandhi's Spice Up Your Life. In fact the day we featured it we went right home and made the cauliflower curry, again. (Still no nuts!)

Bindu has been kind enough to offer us a signed copy of her book for one of our lucky readers*. So sign up to Cookbook Of The Day (if you haven't already... and why haven't you already???) and tell us what you are going to do this week to:


Then we are going to put all your answers in this hat:

And draw out the winner on Monday 16 November.

How easy is that!

*our lucky reader MUST have a U.S. address or a friend in the U.S. to take possession of the book.


  1. My life can use some spicing up- especially The Flexitarian Way! :D

  2. I heard her be interviewed on NPR. Sounds great!

  3. I'm going to try a new recipe that my friend Nancy Bercaw sent me: Garlic-Studded Pork Pot Roast with Sweet Potatoes, Pearl Onions & Roasted Mushrooms . . . . . served with Green Apple Chutney! Nothing like slow cooked pig with fruit trimmings. Chef's name is John Currence from Oxford, Mississippi (09 James Beard award winer).


  4. ah-what to do to spice up my life? less bland more spice. I am going to get gray hair touched up in hopes of spicing things up in the mirror, if nothing else. I need to concoct a soup of some sort-never do follow a true receipt.la


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