23 September 2009

Consider The Oyster

I love oysters and have mixed emotions about this book. the title is and homage to the great M. F. K. Fisher's book of he same name. Consider the Oyster is more of picture book than a cookbook. IT has stunning photographs and great info on oysters, including where to eat them and where to watch them being shucked. Pactrick McMurrary was the 2002 world champion "shucker" at the Galway International Oyster Festival.

I suppose the great thing about this book is that the oysters are shucked and served with no real recipes. The best way to eat and oyster is right out of the shell.

OK, maybe there is one better way.

Vodka Shooter

There are many variations on this one, so have fun. Use a firm, plump East Coast oyster big enough to fill half the glass. Top with chilled vodka and go! For a twist, use fresh lemon and/or lime juice, hot sauce, and try some of our Horseradish vodka.

How does one make Horseradish Vodka?

Before heading out to a catering event once, I decided to pregrate the horseradish root. but how would it keep it from turning gray? It was vodka to the rescue. I pured vodka over the fresh-grated root in and mason jar and Wahoo!

Consider the Oyster may have only a few recipes, but Horseradish Vodka is worth the price of admission!

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