15 September 2009

From Wilder Shores

From Wilder Shores gets its title from Lesley Blanch's first and most famous book, The Wilder Shores of Love. It is a cookbook and more as Blanch sets out in her foreword:

"My book is not a cookery book in the classical sense, and no more than glancingly autobiographical. Nor is it strictly a travel book, although it does tell something of far lands and the circumstances which have led me to eat local dishes in a variety of local settings, from Rothschild dinner tables to Turcoman tents.
Perhaps it could be best described as a sketch book: sketches offering the dishes, places and people I have encountered while on the move through life. "

When she lived in the village of Roquebrune in France she noted there was only one shop in the village which, she noted, "makes housekeeping difficult -- or perhaps very simple."

Here is her simple recipe for an apéritif:

Ida's Bitter Orange Apéritif

To one bottle of red or white wine (good), add the thin shredded rind of three bitter oranges, about half a pound of sugar, a large wine glass if alcohol* and some chamomile flowers. leave for thirty days, but shake once a day, violently. Sieve, before rebottling. That's all.

* When pure alcohol is unobtainable you might substitute vodka.

I am also very fond of Lesley Blanch. Head over to Lucindaville for our more informative post on Blanch's life.

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